Alice’s story

After my family relationship broke down at aged 17, and having been in a psychiatric hospital for the second time, social services decided it was in my best interest to move into a hostel, as I was slightly too old to benefit from foster care but not old enough to rent a space of my own.

The team at Chapter 1 helped me enormously, and between the support of my link worker and my mental health worker, I got through an Art Foundation and started a job. I've now been working in marketing for two years and am applying for a degree in Philosophy and English Literature, to begin in September.

Without my link worker's help I don't think I would have had the strength to achieve anything that I have, and I am still incredibly grateful to her now, over three years later. It was a very tough time to go through, but I really had great help, as did/do so many girls in a similar situation. It might look dark at the beginning, but it really is just that: the beginning.