Rob's story

"Before I left home at 18 years old, I would lay awake every night hearing my mother cry. I always watched the door wondering if I was next. I wanted to just run or die.

I lived in fear, hated myself and had no reason for living as so many people told me nothing good would ever come of me. This was all due to the childhood abuse and domestic violence experienced at home.

One night things got out of hand at home and I tried to stand up for myself as I didn't want to be pushed around anymore. I was kicked out, I became homeless and helpless.

I stayed with friends, slept on cold floors and hardly ate, at some point in time I just refused to eat, which was a way to cope with what was happening to me. No home, no money and no hope.

Then, on 16th February, my life started to change.

The Limes project had a vacancy and I was offered the place because my need was so urgent.

The people at the Limes project helped me to believe in myself, they listened to me and made me feel my views were important. I started to see strengths and qualities that I never knew I had.

Now I have my flat and life is great and it's thanks to the Limes project and the workers."