We have a number of services helping vulnerable people all over the UK.

We help vulnerable people, mainly by providing hostel accommodation for the homeless, along with people fleeing domestic violence, coming out of care or who have mental health, alcohol or drug problems.

We work in partnership with more than 35 local and administrative authorities and run some 50 services in the UK. We support 2000 people each year, in our homeless services and 60% move on to live independently in the community.

  • At 18 I was kicked out and became homeless.
    My life only changed when I went to a Chapter 1 project.
    I had a reason for living and all their hard work made me the person
    I am today. I went back to college, and I now
    teach dance to young people." Steve*

  • The best part for me was being able to give my little girl the opportunity to see her father without my having to deal directly with a person who frightened me. It's so lovely to feel that you are safe and supported, and your child is safe and supported." Sally*

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