Sally's story

Sally is one of the beneficiaries of the service that Chapter 1 provides at the Little House Contact Centre in Exeter. She explained how it had made a difference to life both for her and her daughter. 'I realised there was something very wrong inour relationship when I was pregnant, and I left my daughter's father when she was just a few weeks old. I went to live with my sister. Even though she was only a baby, I wanted her to know her father. At first I tried to arrange contact with him myself but it was very stressful. Then my solicitor told me about contact centres, and referred me to the Little House. It made a huge difference. The best part for me was being able to give my little girl the opportunity to see her father without my having to deal directly with a person who frightened me. Also, I knew that when she was with him at the Little House, someone would always be there to make sure she was all right. I didn't have to worry. It's so lovely to feel that you are safe and supported, and your child is safe and supported, and they still get the chance to spend time with the other member of the family.'

Sally's daughter is now five years old. Sally herself has a new partner and is expecting her second baby in the summer of 2011.