'suport' - using sport to support

31 MAR 2016

The launch of Chapter 1's new suport programme, run by Dean Ashton - National Sports Development Manager for Chapter 1, began with much anticipation on the 29th January, this programme was built on the success of the Doorstep Sport model, which Chapter 1 has been running for a couple of years now, with a theme to support the inactive.

Much interest in programme on a national scale was justified by services excited to register and with ten Chapter 1 services involved we are keen to provide the best quality provision possible.

This year the programme will be run as a pilot to learn what works best for services and clients. Already we have received just under £90,000 in investment to run similar initiatives with real ambition to build on this with further funding and investment to support services during a time when money from other sources is required. The ethos of the programme is to empower clients through physical activity, exercise and sport to develop skills which enhance wellbeing and improve health as a whole in line with current physical activity guidelines.

One of the clients taking part in the programme is suffering from drug induced psychosis. He experiences auditory hallucinations that interfere with his everyday life. Through participating in various sport activities he discovered that hearing voices would ease off and he would feel less anxious. Also sport activities help him socialising with others instead of isolating himself.

Since working out in the gym and attending various sport activities on one to one basis he stopped gradually using diazepam tablets which helped him calm down in the past. His sleep pattern improved significantly and he is able to spend more time around other people now.