Success through sport

30 AUG 2016

                                  football image.jpg

Jerimiah became homeless and ended up sleeping on the streets, he arrived at Chapter 1 The Limes all sad and deflated, his life was torn apart and he felt his world had ended.

He settled into the sporting activities going on within the hostel and within the area, taking part in a variety of sporting events and educational courses within the hostel, he worked very closely with Dean Aston, Chapter 1’s National Sports Development Manager, and got involved in the Doorstep sports. He helped within the hostel getting people involved, playing sports in the garden, arranging archery competitions, table tennis, football and anything he could get anyone involved in, he got great joy seeing others involved in sports. He kept his dream going and attended the academy, this was the turning point, Jerimiah became highly motivated his confidence improved greatly and it spilled over to all other aspects of his life.

He went to London with Chapter1 for an awards ceremony with Dean and staff, he was involved in a planning a meeting for a new sports app with street games, where he came up with some good ideas and has again been invited to London to meet with the company that are launching the app.

He now has a job and was offered his own rented flat, even after moving out he still is involved with Football.

Involvement with the Doorstep sports was the key to his success.