Personalised service at Chapter 1 Turner House

31 MAR 2016

Personalised service = positive outcomes for clients and better preparation for independent living.

Personalisation has become a core value at Turner House.  It has taken some time, but after careful planning and implementation, trial and error, and by accident… it has become engrained in the service we provide.  We value our clients’ voice, and encourage them to have their say.  We believe that when relationships between support providers and clients are more equal, and workers are partners in support, the outcomes are more positive and clients develop the confidence to build their own community and rely less on professional support.  The ultimate goal for all, is that the client leaves the service with increased self-esteem and the confidence to live independently.  We all work together to prepare for successful tenancy. 

When a client arrives at Turner House, they are usually a bit sceptical.  They aren’t sure where they will fit in, whether they will like the living arrangements (or the staff and other clients), and wonder what it will be like to have to meet with an assigned linkworker.  This is a normal… and one client in particular felt exactly this way.  Gradually, things started to change for her, especially after the birth of her baby girl.  She developed a routine, engaged more with staff, and made some new friends.  She realised that all staff were here for her, not just her linkworker, and she became more comfortable voicing her opinions and having her say.  She was able to empathise with other clients moving in, and naturally started her own little “meet and greet” service.  This lead to her becoming the resident rep for Turner House, and she helped to engage other clients in activities and acted as a liaison between clients and staff.  She co-ordinated a client panel which helped interview applicants for the service manager position.  The input from the client panel ultimately helped decide who got the job.  When the opportunity for her to attend Hastings Wild Things Project at Mallydams Wood (RSPCA wildlife preserve and education centre) came about, she was reluctant to attend.  She asked a member of staff to attend with her at first, but she didn’t need support for long, because she quickly became very involved, and now has made arrangements to continue on as a volunteer!  She completed a 13 week volunteer training course at the local Children’s Centre and would like to start volunteering, with hopes of entering work in the future.  She has moved on now, and is happily living independently with her daughter in her own flat.  She has come a long way since she started her journey at Turner House… and she can take credit for setting her own goals and deciding her path to achieve them.  She has the confidence to recognise her own potential and her ability to contribute to the community.  Definitely a success story!