Ex-client of Chapter 1 training for trekking Kilimanjaro

03 JUN 2016

Suzanne has come a long way since being a client of Chapter 1. She is healthy, she is fit, she is strong, not only physically but also emotionally. She has conquered many things in her life and she is now about to conquer Kilimanjaro. Well done Suzanne, we are all behind you!

In her own words:

"Here is an update on how the training has been going!suzanne2E.jpg

"As a single Mum who works it is really hard to try and find the time to work out! And also gym memberships are so expensive! Instead I have downloaded an app called Les Mills on Demand where I have access to all my favourite classes like Body Combat, Body Attack and Body Pump (you can do as many as you like!). The only downside is you have to exercise while your children make fun of you! 

"A few weekends ago I went to Llanberis in Wales to meet Jason our guide when we get to Kili. This was an opportunity to talk about what we can expect, altitude sickness and talking about expedition kit. We spent half of Saturday walking over the Welsh mountains and the views were breathtaking! 

"To give us an idea of what summit day would be like we had to meet Jason at 2am to ascent Snowdon and we had a tight deadline of three hours to get to the top for sunrise! We made it and the hard task was well worth it! 

     suzanne laying E.jpg      Trekking E.jpg

"Now we live in the New Forest we have access to lots of lovely walks but it is completely flat here! I have to drive a bit further afield to find some hills! I have just spent a day in Corfe walking the hills around Corfe Caste. The scenery is lovely and it is great to be outdoors! "

         Corfe CasteE.jpg

Many thanks

Suzanne York