cupcakes at Calverley Hill

19 MAY 2016


Getting Calverley Hill known by other local business.

To bring more awareness of who we are and what we do here at Calverley Hill… We came up with the idea of handing out individual cupcakes with a scroll attached to them so the local business know more about us.

One of our lovely volunteers here at Calverley Hill baked and decorated the cupcakes - they were yummy! Clients and staff wrapped them up, adding a scroll with the information about us to each cupcake. Then clients and staff went to all the local businesses and gave away the cupcakes.

A particular client got really involved with this, starting off being rather quiet but by the end was brimming with confidence and doing all the talking. This client came away really happy with her ability to speak to others with her head held high, explaining all about Calverley Hill and how it has had a positive impact on her life. What a beautiful thing it was to watch the confidence in one person grow right in front of our eyes.

We are putting ourselves out there more, we are engaging with our local businesses so we aren’t known as ‘that homeless hostel around the corner’ but as Calverley Hill where lives are changing one by one