Chapter 1 The Limes helping rough sleepers to independence

14 APR 2016

The manager of The Limes, Pauline Gaye, tells about how it happened:

"It was out of concern for the amount of rough Sleepers in the Manchester area and the wanting to do something about it that we contacted Manchester City Council and between us came up with a Young Rough Sleepers Project. We would take in Young Rough Sleepers, and work alongside a planned routine supporting these Rough Sleepers towards independent living. We have employed 2 Night Workers and 1 Support/Housing Management Worker.

"Young Rough Sleepers come to us through the various agencies within Manchester:  CCP, (City Centre Project) The Booth Centre and Manchester City Council Rough Sleepers Dept.

"We have been working with the YRS  for 12 Weeks, in this time we have taken in  11 Rough Sleepers, 8 have moved on into the Limes Supported Accommodation, of these 8,  3 are attending the Princes Trust, 5 have done our 8 week Tenancy Training, and are now ready to move  into their own accommodation. 1 is on his way to getting his own accommodation and 3 are actively involved in Voluntary work within the Community.

"Working alongside our mission statement ‘changing lives one by one’ we understand every person needs a chance, and an opportunity to live a balanced natural life, and we believe we have the tools to help a person achieve this. Education, plays a major part in the key to helping a person understand what options in life they have, and how to use them.

"Due to this success we have been told we are to continue for a further year."