Chapter 1 Buckingham does it again

04 MAY 2016

Simon has recently left Chapter 1 in Buckingham having lived in one of our houses for about 20 months.  Simon had been caught between Social Services (County Council) and Housing (District Council).  The former wanted him to look after his 2 children in a safe environment whilst Simon didn’t meet the criteria for a social house.

Chapter 1 were in a position to help and during the time that Simon was with us we worked with him whilst he developed parenting and financial skills, learnt how to manage a house and to cook nutritious and economic meals and to generally turn his life around.
After 18 months he was ready to live independently and we were able to get him onto the housing register.

Even though he’s moved on and social services are no longer involved we still support Simon by meeting up with him every 6 weeks or so to act as a sounding board, asking affirming and encouraging questions. In supporting Simon we saved his children from going into care, enabled him to keep his family together and to develope new skills leading to increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

Clients like Simon make what we do totally worthwhile.