Chapter 1 and Warwickshire County Council gives home composting a 2nd Chance

23 JUN 2015

                                                               Workshop in Nuneaton Wednesday 24 June

Chapter 1's 2ndChance furniture re-use project and Warwickshire County Council (WCC) are giving the public a chance to learn about home composting.Composting photo jun 15 (3).jpg

 The workshops are run by the County Council and cover everything you need to start composting. Everyone attending will be able to buy a compost bin for just £5.00 (normal RRP £49.95) and get a free pack of seeds. It's all part of a drive to encourage more people to compost their food and garden waste at home. 

 A recent survey in Warwickshire found that around 16,000 tonnes of compostable waste goes into landfill from grey wheelie bins every year, costing the county £1.6 million in disposal costs.  Each compost bin used to its full capacity saves £12.00 a year.

 The seeds are part of KewGardens' Big Lottery funded "grow wild – flowers to the people”. They include a guide to get started, five packets of native British wild flower seeds, site markers and a DIY bee house.

 Cllr Jeff Clarke, Chair of Warwickshire Waste Management Partnership, said: “Composting food and garden waste at home is an excellent way to reduce the amount of compostable waste sent to landfill and make savings, and it gives the home owner a free soil conditioner.  The workshop offers the council a great opportunity to work in partnership with Chapter1 2ndChance.

 Nuneaton-based furniture re-use service, 2ndChance,  is a part of the national charity, Chapter 1. They collect unwanted, but good quality, furniture and other household items and makes them available, at an affordable cost to one and all. For those on benefits and low incomes a discount is given to enable them to furnish their homes.

Nat Kidd, Chapter 1 service manager for 2ndChance, said:  “Chapter 1 are pleasedto be able to host this workshop at our re-use superstore. This initiative complements our aims of reducing waste, and encouraging recycling and re-use. It also helps support the valuable work that Chapter 1 doesacross the country, changing lives one by one.”

 The workshop is being held at Chapter 1, 2ndChance Furniture Re-use, Weddington Terrace, Nuneatonon Wednesday 24thJune at 12.15pm – 1.00pm.

 To book your place on the workshop please go to contact Warwickshire County Council on 01926 412724 or 01926 418088.