A client's story about life at Chapter 1 The Limes

14 APR 2016

Hello everyone who reads this, I am writing a little story about myself.

I live in a homeless hostel in Longsight Manchester, The Limes.

I had a dysfunctional family life, divorce, alcohol problems all through my childhood, I soon followed suite, heavy drinking, prison, police record, probation, debts.

I did not speak to any of my family, I had no one to help me.

I applied to the Limes but was refused, I appealed to The Manager, and she gave me a chance, something I will always be grateful for.

But I was out of order when I first moved in, still up to my old tricks, not paying rent, not wanting any support, temper tantrums.

I was bored, but there were so many things going on here, plenty of opportunities.

I joined the ‘Suport’ programme, which is run by Dean. I got into the gym with the free passes. Joined the running club, Dean wrote me a diet programme, I have lost loads of weight I am really fit now. I have not had a drink for months and I don’t intend to. I am now a volunteer and do voluntary work for Dean, helping run the courses.

I did tenancy training, gardening, Im in the football team, I got involved in everything, I have a portfolio of all my achievements since being here.

I am now resident rep. I think I have found out what I want to do with my life, I can see a future.

I really enjoy working with the residents, I am a spokesperson for them. I have arranged our own residents meetings, where we discuss with staff things clients have said. I have arranged communal Sunday dinners, I collect food donations and distribute them fairly to all residents, we have donations of clothes from big companies, which I have helped pick up and give out.

At the moment I have been contacting different places asking for free tickets so I can arrange a resident’s day trip, I enjoy trying to raise funds for residents.

I heard today I will probably get an offer of a flat next week, I should be happy, but I don’t want to leave, it’s such a great place. I have been told I can come back as a volunteer.

Thank you for reading my story, anyone can turn their life around if they are given a chance I am proof of that.