Chapter 1's service The Limes excels in offering courses and activities to residents

30 JUN 2014

The Limes in Manchester have a vision...

they want to see all of their residents, independent, motivated, healthy, employed and moved into their own homes.

Below is a list of the tools used to make that happen:

Courses & Activities on offer at the Limes:

 8 Week Accredited Tenancy Training Course -

Residents complete the Accredited Tenancy training programme, the programme helps to support them into greater independence.

The Tenancy Training has been running for 3 years, lots of residents move into their tenancies with the knowledge and support needed to maintain their homes.

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 Sports Leadership Course– In Partnership with Manchester FA

Gaining a recognised qualification to equip people with the skills and motivation to create and run sporting activities.

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Job Club -  In Partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions

The Job Club helps developing employability skills and practical support in making job applications.

Housing Club -

The Housing Club support s application for ‘move on’ accommodation, to secure own residency. 

MACA (Making a Change Abroad) - In Partnership with RV (Real Volunteers) Project

As part of Sports Leadership qualification, learners have the opportunity to volunteer abroad in child orphanages.

Football Sessions - In Partnership with Doorstep Sports Club

Every Friday football training is facilitated, developing skills, promoting benefits of exercise and positive behaviour.

Cooking Classes -

Practical cooking guidance to promote healthy eating and enable cultural integration of resident’s cooking national dishes.

 Gardening Project - In Partnership with Debdale Eco-Centre

Learning practical landscaping skills and how to grow vegetables.

Arts and Craft -

Facilitated craft sessions to create art acting as platform for self-expression.