Chapter 1 Shilhay

10 APR 2014

We are pleased to announce that Exeter-based homeless charity, Shilhay Community, is now part of national housing charity, Chapter 1, in a friendly takeover.

 Both organisations share common values and a vision for the future based on changing lives one by one. We work with disadvantaged and vulnerable people, who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Together we will be better equipped to meet changing needs, new challenges and opportunities.

 Shilhay will keep its local identity and the skills it’s gained over the past 40 years, but as part of a larger organisation will have greater financial strength and resilience. Chapter 1 will extend its presence in Devon, and enhance its services.

 For staff and clients at Chapter 1 Shilhay it will be business as usual for the moment. Over the coming months we shall be working on a strategy to take the new partnership forward and deliver even better services to meet the needs of vulnerable people in the Exeter area. 

Geoff Hawkins, Chief Executive, Chapter 1

Clive Hughes, Chair of Trustees, Exeter Shilhay Community

April 2014