Chapter 1 is helping to occupy empty homes

23 MAR 2012

Chapter 1 is running empty homes schemes in Cornwall, Gloucester and Torbay, we are also the delivery partner for the scheme run by Exeter City Council.
Privately owned properties which have been empty for more than 2 years are being utilised to create affordable rented accommodation as part of a national initiative. Governmet grants are made available through the HCA (Homes & Communities Agency) to cover the costs of renovating the properties. The schemes run by Chapter 1 in Cornwall, Gloucester and Torbay was awarded £1.54M. Chapter 1 will fund 50% of the cost and 50% comes from the HCA funds. Chapter 1 will lease the property from the landlord for 5 years and undertake to organise the refurbishment and maintain the property which is then returned to the landlord after the 5 years, refurbished and in good  order.