Xenia Student Hostel

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  • Q. Who can stay at Xenia?

    A. Our student hall is accommodated by Imperial college students all year round for the next 3 years. 
    Please follow this link for further information on booking a room at Xenia through Imperial College.


  • Q. Can I have overnight guests?

    A. Yes you can! You can do this by filling out a request form here:


    Once your guest(s) have been approved by the wardens and Xenia staff, you must ensure that on their arrival they log their details in our visitor’s book at reception. Guests must be accompanied by you at all times, and are your responsibility.  

  • Q. Do I need to be back at Xenia at a certain time each night?

    A. No. This is your home, so it’s up to you when you come and go.

  • Q. Will my room be cleaned?

    A. Rooms and bathrooms are cleaned and vacuumed weekly; however it is still your responsibility to keep your own room and kitchen tidy and clean. It's Xenia’s responsibility to keep the communal areas clean.

    We encourage all students to recycle their waste and not to put food down our sinks

  • Q. Do you provide bedding?

    A.  No all students are to bring their own bedding; however if you would like to buy bedding from Xenia prior to your arrival please email reception xenia@chapter1.org.uk

  • Q. Do I need to pay council tax?

    A. No.

  • Q. Is there a telephone and television in my room?

    A. There is a telephone in each room which can receive incoming calls. To make any outgoing calls you will need to open an account at Reception. Xenia does not provide televisions in the bedrooms.

  • Q. Do I need a TV Licence?

    A. Yes, if you watch television in your bedroom. All 'homes' in the UK require a television licence and your room is treated as a home under the licensing authority's definition. There is a large screen television with Sky in our courtyard lounge. For IPTV, you will need a licence.

    For more information on TV licensing visit www.tvlicensing.co.uk

  • Q. What happens if I cancel my booking?

    A. You will need to cancel your booking through Imperial College. Please refer to your licence arrangement

  • Q. What happens if I lose my keys or swipe card?

    A. Don’t worry if you lose your keys, it happens. Just please let reception know so they can deactivate your swipe card. Reception will also reissue you new keys for £20 and a new swipe card for £5, we do not take cash or chequeall charges must be paid for by credit or debit card.

  • Q. Is there security on site?

    A. Yes, Xenia has CCTV cameras surrounding the building. There is only one entrance which is swipe card activated, all visitors must be 'buzzed' in.

  • Q. What will be in my room and kitchen?

    A. In your bedrooms there will be a bed, lamp, phone, desk, chair, storage space and the majority of our rooms have mirrors. All rooms have internet connections and sockets.
    Kitchens have fridges, freezers, ovens, cookers, toasters, kettles and lockable cupboard space.

  • Q. When is trem time?

    A. Imperial term time is:


    • Autumn Term: Saturday 29 September to Friday 14 December 2012
    • Spring Term: Saturday 5 January to Friday 22 March 2013
    • Summer Term: Saturday 27 April to Friday 28 June 2013


    • Autumn Term: Saturday 28 September to Friday 13 December 2013
    • Spring Term: Saturday 11 January to Friday 28 March 2014
    • Summer Term: Saturday 26 April to Friday 27 June 2014
  • Q. What happens when I arrive at Xenia for the first time?

    A. Imperial will inform Xenia of your arrival. At reception we will have ready for you your keys and swipe card for entry into the Xenia building. We will show you around the building, where the student lounges are, your kitchen, where you collect your post and how you work our laundry machines

  • Q. Are there staff members or wardens on-site to help me?

    A. Xenia reception is open every day, Monday - Friday 8am - 9pm and weekends10am - 8am. During these times someone will always be available to assist you. 

     Our contact details:

    For maintenance problems: xeniafix@chapter1.org.uk

    For reception- xenia@chapter1.org.uk 0207 450 4601

     There is a warden team of 4 living at Xenia all year round. They all work for Imperial University, organise great hall social events and the student committee meetings. One of the wardens will always be on duty and on-site when Xenia reception is closed.

  • Q. How will my deposit be returned to me?

    A. A final inspection of your room will be carried out prior to you moving out and your account with Xenia checked for any monies owing. If any deductions are required these will be discussed with you. Within 28 days after the end of your licence, your deposit will be returned to you through Imperial College.

  • Q. How do I pay my rent?

    A. Your deposit and rent is all paid to Imperial.  Please refer to your licence arrangement for details.

  • Q. What documents do I need to bring when arriving at Xenia?

    A. ID may be required when checking-in at Xenia.

  • Q. Are there any communal areas?

    A.  Xenia has 2 student lounges with comfy seating and free view television. There is also a large patio courtyard area with a BBQ and ping pong table, IT study rooms and 2 large conference meeting rooms available for hire at a discounted rate for students. We also have a games room with pool table and bar seating for you to enjoy and a communal laundry room.

  • Q. Is there Car Parking and Bike Storage at Xenia?

    A. Unfortunately due to our city centre location Xenia has no parking facilities or bike storage for students.

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