About us

Chapter 1 is a Christian charity with roots going back to 1920. We′ve always been involved in helping the vulnerable. Back then, as the Christian Alliance of Women and Girls Trust Corporation, we helped young single women working away from home. Nowadays, we provide accommodation and support services to the homeless victims of domestic abuse and social enterprises such as our international students hostel and our furniture re-use project.

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Our mission

Changing lives one by one

Girl and Boy

This statement sums up our mission and values. Our entire cause is to change the lives of vulnerable people – and we ourselves change and learn in the process. We believe each life is important, and we′re committed to helping people reach their full potential. At the same time, we′re realistic and know that change is usually gradual. We really do change lives one by one.

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How we change lives

  • Homeless projects - Accommodation and support for homeless, vulnerable people.
  • Family contact centres - Child-friendly environments for separated families needing support with child contacts.
  • Refuges - Safe, secure places for people fleeing domestic abuse.
  • International student hostel - Safe, affordable accommodation for international students, providing a home away from home.
  • Social Enterprise - Training and work opportunities for vulnerable people, which provide invaluable services to their local community, which include our Second Chance Furniture Re-use project for families on low-incomes.

The people who make it happen

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